Brand identity system
Our brand identity was created using a complex methodology that combines a unique value proposition, expert design thinking, and potato prints soaked in finger paint. It is the skin that holds our corporate body together.

Get to know our Zendesk Logo Guidelines here.

Zendesk brand mark
It all begins with a simple shape, a set of building blocks that make up our logomark.Our logo represents the connections between our company and our customers, and our customers with their customers. The shapes in our logo imply balance, simplicity, connection: all the things that make up a great customer relationship. Relationshapes, if you will.
core logo

This mark is ready to use on any external-facing properties.


This mark can stand alone, as long as the core logo is somewhere else in the finished piece.

Solo ‘z’

This logo is only for special instances.

Allow enough space on all sides.

Don't add drop shadows.

Make delicious cakes.

Don't oversize the logo.