Balance all sources so that the viewer can clearly hear the words, music, and sound effects.

Keep it simple. Not every action on screen needs to have a sound effect.

Add sound effects for mouse clicks and typing.

Don’t use bubbly and excessively cartoonish sound effects.

Sound editing
When adding sound design to our videos, we are inspired by analog sounds that you would find in the real world. For example, an animated transition on the screen could be accompanied by the swooshing sound of paper. While we like to get creative with the sound design, remember that less is more.

Don’t be afraid to remix and rearrange your tracks.

Look for ways to create contrast. For example, stop the music and bring it back at a different point in the song.

Try to get the music to work with the voices and not simply play in the background.

Be careful not to let your music get repetitive. Avoid letting a single track run through the whole video.

This song was long enough to cover the video if we wanted.